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Today’s question: How can I help my children’s/family ministry to be anti-racist?

I’m answering this question as a white leader speaking to other white faith leaders, as this is the majority of my readership and audience. It is my hope that everyone will find something here that is useful. White faith leaders have the moral imperative to do the work of identifying how we are contributing to structures of systemic and institutional racism, how we benefit from these systems, and how we need to be active in dismantling them. As we influence children and young people, we need to be listening, learning, acting. As we work on becoming anti-racist ourselves, we’ll be able to help teach and form the young people in our care.

  • First, listening. Our first responsibility is to listen to the voices of people of color who are sharing their experience and asking for solidarity and support. It’s particularly important to be listening to Black voices. Listen without comment for awhile. Listen without asking Black people and other people of color to do the work of telling you what to read and how to help. Find Black activists, authors, and pastors, and follow their work on Twitter. Read their books, and amplify their voices.

  • Second, learn. We are called to learn all we can about our country’s racist history and to read the stories of those who have generously put them out into the world for others. Three books to start with: Dear Church, Between the World and Me, and Just Mercy,

  • Third, act. This is the most important. Retweeting and engaging on Social Media is ok, fine, maybe even good, (especially if specifically asked to RT or share by a Black person or other person of color). As people of faith, we need to be doing real work to change the system, at every level. Lists of anti-racist education can be found HERE, HERE and HERE

    Treasures for June 6, 2020

    Sending love and light to you, wherever you are.

    Cartoon I’ve been Thinking About: From NAKEDPASTOR.

    One to Listen to: PRE-POST RACIAL AMERICA

    A Course to Take: RAISING ANTI-RACIST WHITE KIDS if the course is out of your price range READ THE BOOK.


    Something that made me gasp with beauty: THIS Pentecost installation.

    Something sweet to eat: Had a version of THIS dip last night. It was so delicious. THIS version looks easier to make at home, in terms of ingredients.

    New favorite mocktail: LIMONCELLO La Croix + simple syrup + mint. Yum.